ABICUS Procedure – Video

Featured ABICUS procedure on ITV News

… conducted by Mr Gorav Datta at NHS Southampton Uni Hospital

Orthopaedic consultant Mr Gorav Datta is leading the ABICUS trial. The trial is aimed at treating people with knee or hip pain as a result of Chondral defects (damage to the cartilage), the purpose of the trial is to assess whether cartilage can be repaired using a patient’s own stem cells and whether this provides better outcomes than current treatments.

Known as ABICUS – Autologous Bone Marrow Implantation of Cells University Hospital Southampton – the new technique aims to grow a new joint surface within damaged knees and hips to relieve symptoms of pain and disability.

Cartilage is a tough, flexible tissue that covers the surface of joints and enables bones to slide over one another while reducing friction and acting as a shock absorber. When damaged, articular cartilage does not heal. Left untreated this leads to the exposure of the bone itself which over time will cause increased pain and disability. It can eventually result in the development of Osteoarthritis.

Patients can be referred to Mr Datta at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust for assessment of their eligibility for participation in the trial.

This video shows the procedure in action and illustrates the ground breaking methodology involved.

More information about the Abicus procedure specifically can be found on the Abicus-Trial.com web site, which you can reach by clicking HERE


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